Barcelona Mixes Collection

The Barcelona collection is a glossy and matt glazed
mosaic, on a durable porcelain body. The Barcelona collection is
available in two sizes 25 x 25 mm and 48 x 48 mm. The finish is straight
and smooth. For use on floors the lighter colours (white) come into surface abrasion Class V (PEI) (ie. severe pedestrian traffic over sustained periods) the darker colours (black) come into surface abrasion Class I (PEI) (ie. soft soled footwear or bare feet without scratching dirt).

The Barcelona 25 x 25mm mix collection has 6 mixes to offer, 4 glossy and 2 matt. The 48 x 48mm series comes in 14 glossy and 6 matt colours. Barcelona 48 x 48mm has a new dark grey matt colour and a new deep purple matt colour (that does not exist in the 25 x 25 mm mosaic collection).

Barcelona is an excellent choice for use on walls and floors.