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Mosaic Brochures

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Design & Patterns
Mosaic Patterns and Applications Book (with illustrations to guide your designs) (1,5mb)
Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Assemblers Victorian Designs Blue brochure (1,080kb) Mosaic Floor Patterns

Mosaic Assemblers Heritage Catalogue (683kb) Unglazed Mosaic Floor Patterns

Mosaic Assemblers Atlantic Heritage Catalogue (617kb) Floor Mosaic Patterns

Harmonies Glazed Mosaics (1,806kb) Glazed Mosaics

Mazurka Satin finish_01 (436kb) Satin Finished Mosaics

Mazurka Satin finish_02 (266kb)

Marienbad Glazed Mosaic_01 (1,001kb)

Mosaic Assemblers Design_01 (721kb) Mosaic Floor Patterns

Mosaic Assemblers Design_02 (545kb) Mosaic Floor Patterns

Mosaic Assemblers Patterns_01 (514kb) Mosaic Floor Patterns

Piscines Pool Mosaics_01 (1,411kb) Swimming Pool Patterns

Piscines Pool Mosaics_02 (990kb) Swimming Pool Patterns

Polka Satin finish_03 (374kb)

Progresion Glazed Mosaic (548kb)

Vitrifield Victorian Floor Designs (700kb)

Aurum Ceramic Metalised (1,018kb)

Wall & Floor Tiles

Capron (2,797kb)

Carre Aquarelle_01 (781kb)

Carre Aquarelle_02 (1,071kb)

Carre Harmonie_01 (1,225kb)

Carre Harmonie_02 (873kb)

Colombier_01 (772kb)

Colombier_02 (322kb)

Creations Roger Capron (256kb)

Formactuel (173kb)

Les Clasiques (557kb)

Les Occitanes (335kb)

Melodie (197kb)