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About Mosaic Assemblers​

Mosaic Assemblers is an Irish-owned company founded in 1969 by the late Patricia Morrison who had a vision to supply assembled mosaic all over the world. That vision is now a reality with a dedicated showrooms and assembly hub in Fonthill Business Park, beside Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, just off the M50 roundabout. Previously the company was based in Dublin city centre for thirty seven years. Their work can now be seen worldwide with completed projects in Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, Dubai, Australia, USA, Canada, Korea, Oman, Japan, Norway and Eastern Europe.

Managing Director, Peter Morrison, grew up with the business. He is a talented and creative artist whose design flair is reflected in Mosaic Assemblers’ work.

Peter Says...


“We are well known for our expertise when it comes to mosaic, having earned our reputation by hard work, creativity and attention to detail. Our clients include world-famous fashion houses, rock stars, racing drivers, footballers and Hollywood celebrities.”

Grand Hotel Swimming Pool
Aer Lingus Floor

“Mosaic was originally used for domestic interior decoration particularly in Roman dwellings. First used for the decoration of floors, it met a need to create works of art that would persist over time. Today we use mosaic to create a similar long lasting effect with exterior cladding delivering a hardwearing finish and a contemporary edge to apartments, office developments and shops. Internally mosaic gives a sharp defined image to retail and leisure environments.”

“What is exciting about the way we’re using mosaic now is the scope to give our clients something really unique. We are working with architects, designers and the general public to assist them to create a brand where the mosaic becomes an integral part of how the end user interacts with the space. Now that could be someone’s garden path that they enjoy strolling down every day, the exterior wall of your apartment block, or the floor in your favorite local boutique or bar – people just love the look and feel of mosaic. In essence what we’re about here at Mosaic Assemblers is unleashing people’s imaginations! ”

Brown Thomas Restaurant

As a result of this flexible and unique approach to assembly, you can include different tile finishes on the same sheet and so create an individual look for any location. An example of this would be to mix glazed and satin finish or unglazed and glass mosaic together on the one sheet. This ability allows a huge range of colour and finish options to be combined on the one sheet.

Ranges available for floor and walls, internal and external cladding

  • Supplied on mesh or paper face
  • Mosaic sizes range from 10mm to 100mm
  • Shapes available – square, round, hexagonal, triangular, broken style
  • Can be fixed to various surfaces, internally and externally in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications


Mosaic Assemblers’ success is a result of...​
An experienced and talented creative team
Fully trained and highly skilled assembly experts in-house
Fast turn-around times
Quality products
You are invited to come and visit their Dublin Showroom and view the comprehensive range of mosaic and tiles.

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