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Airports Dining Rooms Leisure and sports clubs Spas
Anti-slip areas DIY Mirrors Stately Homes
Apartments Door Steps Night Clubs Steam rooms
Banks Doors Offices Steps & Stairs
Bars Driveways Pathways Swimming Pools
Bathroom Entrances Pathways Tables
Bespoke Designs External Seating Patios Themed Areas
Boutiques Fireplaces Pillars Utility Rooms
Bus Train Stations Floors Porch Villas
Cars Food Stores Power showers Visually impaired areas
Casinos Garages Private House Wetrooms
Castles Gardens Restaurants Wheelchair accessible areas
Ceilings Hallways Roof Worktops
Churches Health Clubs Saunas Yachts
Cladding Hospitals Schools
Corporate Logos Jacuzzi Shopping Centres
Cruise liners Kitchens Showers

Please see examples of the above applications in gallery, mosaic options and brochures.